Special Multiple Mowing Operations Offer in 2018

Have multiple properties that require maintenance during the 2018 mowing season?  Perhaps you only have a single property that you want to be mowed at a regular interval?  Now is the time to work with Elwoh Solutions and save.

Mowing Operations Offer Details

Until the end of November, you can save 10% when you commit to multiple mowing operations this year with our 2018 mowing operations offer.
Schedule Your Mowing Now
When you contact us about your project, just mention this offer and it will be applied upon completion of your second mowing.

Tell Us About Your Project

Send us information about your mowing operation on the Ag Services Contact page, or give us a call at 270-908-4118 and we will be glad to assist!

If you’re unsure whether you need rough cut bush hogging services or finish mowing, read our article about the differences in Bush Hogging vs. Finish Mowing.

The Not So Fine Print

Of course, there are some limitations to the offer.

(1) Mowings must be scheduled and performed within the 2018 calendar year; (2) at least two mowings of the same or different properties must be performed; (3) all mowing operations must be billed to the same payment account.