Kentucky Alfalfa & Forages Project

Kentucky Alfalfa & Forages

We are proud to announce the beginning of a community-driven project that aims to promote Kentucky alfalfa and forages in various capacities — the Kentucky Alfalfa & Forages project.

The objective of the project is to create a platform that caters to farmers and producers in Kentucky by providing a base for knowledge sharing, performance metrics & tracking, and most importantly resources and a marketplace to further the commercialization of alfalfa & forages including value-added products.

Providing an intuitive interface with a unique toolset for farmers, brokers, agronomists, and direct buyers will make the new Kentucky Alfalfa & Forages platform an all-encompassing system that holds the potential to streamline various aspects of operations.

The platform is expected to launch a closed beta sometime in 2019, followed by a full public launch in 2020.

Kentucky Alfalfa Background

The announcement of the Kentucky Alfalfa & Forages project comes after Elwoh Solutions engages in beginning an alfalfa production operation, which sets a unique perspective on both scoping an executing the platform in its entirety.

As various challenges are encountered through the entire lifecycle of planning, growing, managing and ultimately selling the premium forage crop, this allows for an in-depth insight into the processes and a better grasp over how they may be streamlined or enhanced by technology.

At finalization, the platform should allow for either a new beginning Kentucky farmer or a seasoned producer to join and immediately streamline and optimize their operation, whilst promoting the agriculture industry in Kentucky.

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Social media engagements are set to take place on the new Kentucky Alfalfa & Forages Facebook page.

Collaborate in the Group

There has also been group designated on Facebook specifically for Kentucky Hay & Forage Producers.