Using Preservative on Alfalfa Dry Hay

It is no secret that there are many different preservatives and additives marketed for use in dry hay and some with crossover benefits when applied to haylage/baleage; there are also various modes of action for these different additives.  We aim to settle on one specific preservative to use on our alfalfa which will be packaged as dry hay and primarily marketed to the equine industry. Continue reading “Using Preservative on Alfalfa Dry Hay”

Fall Alfalfa Seeding Challenges & Completion

Sometimes the stars align, and other times, perhaps even more often, they do not.  Preparing the first fields and completing a fall seeding of alfalfa proved challenging with both time and the weather choosing not to cooperate.

For our area in Kentucky, the ideal seeding time for fall season planted alfalfa is around September 1st – 15th, giving a suitable buffer with an optimal chance of having warm temperatures for germination, emergence, and ultimately crown development.

Continue reading “Fall Alfalfa Seeding Challenges & Completion”

Alfalfa Hay Production Begins

As the year comes to a close, Elwoh Solutions is working hard to prepare a new farm for high-quality alfalfa hay production. The hay will be ready to harvest during the 2019 season, which will hopefully serve as the beginning of a hay enterprise.

Elwoh Ag Production - Alfalfa Hay Production

University of KentuckyThrough many weeks of research and discussions with forage specialists and our local extension agent at the University of Kentucky, it has been decided to move forward with the preparatory steps to establish alfalfa, with the end goal of producing small square bales of alfalfa hay for the equestrian and dairy cattle markets. Continue reading “Alfalfa Hay Production Begins”