Wildlife Habitat During Mowing Operations

Wildlife Habitat Conservation Mowing Considerations

Most everyone is familiar with the topic of mowing, as they actively mow or have some property that is contract mowed — all for various reasons, whether it be purely cosmetic, obtaining hay as feed for livestock, or part of an established maintenance plan such as controlling the growth of particular species of weeds; however, not everyone is familiar with the implications affecting the wildlife habitat during mowing operations.

There are, however, special considerations surrounding wildlife and their habitat as it relates to mowing techniques; be mindful of these during mowing operations, even if you’re not bound to a conservation program contract.

One of the most important considerations is to be aware that mowing high overgrowth during the spring and summer months could disrupt active nesting of wildlife.

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Bush Hogging vs. Finish Mowing

As a part of the changes to Elwoh Solutions in 2017, specifically to the point of diversifying service offerings to include physical property services, the introduction of large scale capable tractor bush hogging and finish mowing is now being offered.

The initial extent of the operation is of course not the largest out there, but it should be sufficient to adequately target any small, medium, or large scale mowing needs in the service area. Continue reading “Bush Hogging vs. Finish Mowing”

Elwoh 2017 Website Launch

Today marks the much overdue date that the new Elwoh Solutions website and services listing will officially launch, which will more accurately represent Elwoh in 2017 and into the future.  At present, it’s been quite a while since the last website update, which even at the time didn’t accurately reflect anything of Elwoh, other than the existence and a method of contact.

Several new service offerings will be announced as a plan of expansion and diversification.  Also, the addition of a blog as a means of providing original content regarding the services, their relevancy, and additional information as it pertains to clients and work performed.

As of this writing, the plan (however ambitious, and perhaps unrealistic it may be) is to attempt writing content about industry experiences, whether it be virtualized infrastructure deployments, equipment reviews, or random thoughts and experiences from the field as part of the new property services of Elwoh.

In large part, another initiative also exists of an experimental nature to fully gauge and realize the usefulness of certain actions (such as this blog), while having marketing and SEO in mind.

Regardless, it should be interesting to see how things evolve over the course of the next couple of years.